AVM-2000 Upgrade Version 6 is fully compatible with Windows® XP SP2, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7.



Any users who have not yet upgraded to Version 6 should contact TangoWare about upgrading. Please note that Version 6 is considered a major upgrade.

Version 6 of the AVM-2000 software has been completely re-programmed for Microsoft Windows VISTA-compatibility, but is still compatible with Windows XP-SP2.  Version 6 of the AVM-2000 will also run on the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.


The Version 6 Upgrade may be downloaded from the Download 6 web page.

The following pricing applies for Version 6:

$ 695.00 - WITHOUT an AMA - Initial Upgrade
$ 395.00 - With a current AMA - Initial Upgrade
$ 395.00 - WITHOUT AMA - Vs 6 Updates after Initial Upgrade
$ 000.00 - With a current AMA - Vs 6 Updates after Initial Upgrade

Notes:  All prices subject to change without notice.  Support services are not included in the cost of the upgrades.  Any support services provided for upgrades or upgrade features may be charged additional under our Support Policies.  All files provided by download from the internet.

The new items listed below are included in the most recent upgrade.

6.51B_226 - Apr-17-2023

6.51B_219 - Jul-25-2022

6.51B_218 - Feb-10-2022

6.51B_216 - Jan-04-2022

6.51B_213 - Oct-18-2021

6.51B_204 - Aug-24-2021

6.51B_201 - Jul-13-2021

6.51B_196 - Mar-31-2021

6.51B_190 - Mar-16-2021

6.51B_187 - Mar-02-2021

6.51B_176 - Dec-27-2020

6.51B_166 - Oct-27-2020

6.51B_165 - Oct-06-2020

6.51B_161 - Sep-24-2020

6.51B_158 - Jun-18-2020

6.51B_157 - Jun-11-2020

6.51A_154 - May-21-2020

6.51A_146 - Apr-27-2020

6.51A_146 - Apr-24-2020

6.51A_145 - Apr-20-2020

6.51A_137, Apr-07-2020


6.51A_128, Jan-30-2020

6.51A_126, Jan-23-2020

6.51A_105, Oct-22-2019

6.51A_099, Oct-08-2019

6.51A_097, Sep-24-2019

6.51A_096, Aug-13-2019

6.51A_093, Jul-23-2019

6.51A_079, Apr-30-2019

6.51A_077, Apr-25-2019

6.51A_076, Apr-23-2019

6.51A_075, Apr-16-2019

6.51A_074, Apr-12-2019

6.51A_067, Mar-12-2019

6.51A_060, Feb-18-2019

6.51A_058, Feb-12-2019

6.51A_057, Feb-05-2019

6.51A_049, Jan-17-2019

6.51A_034, Sep-04-2018

6.51A_017, Jul-03-2018

6.51A_014, Jun-07-2018

6.51A_011, May-24-2018

6.51A_007, May-15-2018

6.51A_001, Mar-20-2018

6.50Z_164, Feb-20-2018

6.50Z_163, Dec-22-2017

6.50Z_161, Dec-12-2017

6.50Z_158, Nov-14-2017

6.50Z_146, Aug-22-2017

6.50Z_143, Jun-19-2017

6.50Z_141, Jan-31-2017

6.50Z_137, Dec-27-2016

6.50Z_133, Oct-11-2016

6.50Z_132, July 28, 2016

6.50Z_131, July 25, 2016

6.50Z_128, Jun-30-2016

6.50Z_126, Jun-10-2016

6.50Z_123, Apr-29-2016

6.50Z_122, Apr-18-2016

6.50Z_120, Feb-01-2016

6.50Z_117, Dec-28-2015

6.50Z_113, Dec-14-2015

6.50Z_112, Nov-17-2015

6.50Z_110, Oct-29-2015

6.50Z_099, Oct-07-2015

6.50Z_097, Aug-10-2015

6.50Z_093, Jul-27-2015

6.50Z_090, May-14-2015

6.50Z_087, Feb-24-2015

6.50Z_086, Feb-17-2015

6.50Z_078, Oct-16-2014

6.50Z_071, Sep-30-2014

6.50Z_067, Sep-10-2014

6.50Z_065, Jul-31-2014

6.50Z_059, Jul-10-2014

6.50Z_057, Jun-30-2014

6.50Z_055, Jun-25-2014


6.50Z_027, May-28-2014

6.50Z_022, May-16-2014

6.50Z_021, May-14-2014

6.50Z_020, May-07-2014

6.50Z_015, Feb-25-2014

6.50Z_013, Feb-21-2014

6.50Z_011, Feb-17-2014

6.50Z_008, Jan-30-2014

6.50Z_005, Jan-15-2014

6.50Y_142, Jan-06-2014

6.50Y_120, Dec-10-2013

6.50Y_114, Dec-02-2013

6.50Y_103, Nov-21-2013

6.50Y_100, Nov-07-2013

6.50Y_075, Oct-22-2013

6.50Y_073, Oct-16-2013

6.50Y_070, Sep-11-2013

6.50Y_038, Aug-09-2013

6.50Y_023, Jun-17-2013

6.50Y_015, Apr-09-2013

6.50Y_012, Mar-05-2013

6.50Y_010, Feb-27-2013

6.50Y_009, Feb-20-2013

6.50X_104, Dec-18-2012

6.50X_101, Dec-04-2012

6.50X_090, Nov-27-2012

6.50X_076, Oct-23-2012

6.50X_074, Sep-24-2012

6.50X_069, Aug-22-2012

6.50X_064, Jul-25-2012

6.50X_062, Jun-25-2012

6.50X_058, May-22-2012

6.50X_056, May-10-2012

6.50X_052, Apr-25-2012

6.50X_050, Apr-16-2012

6.50X_036, Mar-21-2012

6.50X_030, Mar-16-2012

6.50X_029, Mar-13-2012

6.50X_026, Mar-08-2012

6.50X_025, Mar-06-2012

6.50X_018, Mar-01-2012

6.50X_012, Feb-16-2012

6.50X_010, Feb-15-2012