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THANK YOU for downloading our AVM-2000 Free Trial Evaluation software !

This Primary Installation file is intended for use as a single-user AVM-2000 installation version 6.50V_001; or as the Primary/Server installation in a multi-user system: AVM2000_Primary_Install_650V_001.exe

Eval_Instructions (PDF) - View/print instructions for the Primary/Server installation

Getting Started (PDF) - View/print instructions on getting started with using the AVM-2000

QBFC File Download - Please click here if you wish to use the optional QuickBooks® Integration module. This small file will make the necessary connection between AVM-2000 and QuickBooks®.


This Workstation Installation file is intended for installation on any computers that will run AVM-2000 version 6.50V_001 in a multi-user, networked system: AVM2000_WS_Install_650V_001.exe

NOTE: If you are operating a version of AVM-2000 older than 6.50V_001, please contact TangoWare.

WorkStation_Instructions (PDF) - View/print instructions for the Workstation Installation and Getting Started