AVM-2000 offers many optional/add-on modules to supplement the standard AVM-2000 software package.

Each section has a link to open a Spec Sheet (PDF format) for more detailed descriptions of the individual optional add-on modules.

Please note that you are responsible for obtaining any necessary FAA approvals for use of the AVM-2000 software and any optional AVM-2000 features/modifications. Users with questions about approvals should contact their local FAA FSDO or CHDO.

Security - (Optional) - All users are assigned user names and passwords to access AVM-2000. Users may be denied access to specific menu options, or controls, such as Add, Delete, Post, Print, etc. See the Security Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

The Print-to-File Module (Optional) - allows users to create PDF, RTF, HTML, Word2000.DOC®, and plain TXT files from many AVM-2000 printouts. In addition, users can email these files directly from AVM-2000 with no additional software required. (NOTE: This option is available in Versions 5 and above only.) See the Print to File Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

The ATC Module **- Attendance Time Clock (Optional) - allows ALL Employees to clock in and out of the AVM-2000 in place of using a standard time clock. Integration with Work Orders available for tracking technicians' hours. Hour reports available for input to your Payroll system; issue and track Sick, Vacation, Personal, Comp, Holiday hours; and more. See the ATC Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

QuickBooks® Integration Module * (Optional) - allows users to send AVM-2000 Customers, Invoices, Credit Memos, Vendors, POs and Expenses, ROs and RGOs to QuickBooks® to prevent double-entry into both systems. Works with locally hosted QuickBooks® versions 2008 +. See the QB Brochure (PDF) for additional information.
See QBFC Download to download and install the file required for AVM-2000 and QuickBooks® to connect.

- Electronic Document Storage (Optional) - Works with Adobe® Acrobat® software to store electronic documents, scanned paperwork, digital images, and other files, etc. linked to a specific AVM-2000 record, such as PO's, RO's, Invoices, Work Orders, etc. See the EDS Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information. View samples and instructions in EDS_Samples file (PDF).

Electronic Signatures (Optional) - provides users with the ability to print "electronic signatures", in the form of an electronic image of users' signatures, on documents in AVM-2000. Works with the optional Security module, which required for use with Electronic Signatures. (Note: This option is available in Version 6.50B and above only.) See the Electronic Signatures Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information. View a PowerPoint slideshow about how Electronic Signatures work: Electronic Signatures PowerPoint
Free PowerPoint Viewer Download available at: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13

Batches/Lots - Inventory Batch / Lot Tracking (Optional) - Provides traceability and accurate costing of small part (non-serialized) inventory items. See the Batch/Lot Tracking Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

Label Printing** - (Optional) - Users can print Inventory SKU Labels, Vendor & Customer Address/Shipping Labels, WO Component ID Labels and Log Book Sticker labels to a dedicated label printer. (Pricing does not include purchase of printer or supplies.) See the Label Printing Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

The Checkbook Module (Optional) allows you to manage multiple bank accounts, print vendor checks, create deposits from customer payments, print a checkbook register, reconcile your bank statement, and more. Payments integrate with customer Invoices and Vendor P & E's for more detailed tracking. (NOTE: This option is available in Versions 5 and above only.) See the Checkbook Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

The TBO Components Module (Optional) allows you to track life-limited aircraft components. Life-limited components may be tracked for any number of aircraft. Components can be tracked using any combination of time, cycles or calendar date. User will specify days, hours and/or cycles for Forecast Reporting. Forecast Reporting may also be restricted to specific aircraft, a group of aircraft and/or specific components. See the TBO Components Spec Sheet (PDF) for additional information.

* Pricing does not include purchase of required third-party software, such as Adobe® Acrobat® or QuickBooks® software. Adobe® Acrobat® and/or QuickBooks® software must be purchased separately.

** Pricing does not include cost of barcode scanners, optional label printers or supplies, etc.

Please NOTE: The above features list is subject to change without notice; and is not meant to be all-inclusive.

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