Be sure to download and save this file to your hard drive before executing it.


Thank you for submitting our online form to download the QBFC file for the QuickBooks Integration Module.

Please note:  This file will only work with AVM-2000 versions 6.50Q_079 and above. Versions older than 6.50Q_079 do not contain the QuickBooks® Integration Module.

QBFC8_0Installer.exe - Click to download this executable file needed to make the necessary connection between AVM-2000 and QuickBooks®

OR - Click to download this executable file in a ZIP format.

In order to work properly, the QBFC8_0Installer.exe or file must be downloaded and saved to your hard drive.  Problems have been reported by users attempting to RUN the files directly from our website.

Simply downloading the files to your hard drive does NOT complete the installation process!  You must follow the QBFC Installation Instructions below.

QBFC Installation Instructions -

1) Download and SAVE the QBFC8_0Installer.exe or file from the link above to your hard drive. NOTE: This will need to be done at all workstation and server computers where users will connect AVM-2000 and QuickBooks®.

2) Locate the saved QBFC8_0Installer.exe or file on your hard drive and double-click on it

3) If you have downloaded the zip file, now double-click on the QBFC8_0Installer.exe file inside the zipfile. Say YES to run the file.

3) The installation wizard will open and automatically install the QBFC functions to your computer.

4) Click the Finish button once the installation is complete.

5) The QBFC functions may be uninstalled from your computer, if necessary, by double-clicking the QBFC8_0Installer.exe file on your hard drive and choosing the "Remove" option.

Please contact TangoWare with any questions you may have.

Please Note:  Support provided for assistance with this function may be charged at our regular hourly rate under our Support Policies.