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TangoWare continues to provide Version 5 support for AVM-2000 internal functions and operations.  We are no longer able to provide installation and/or update support for AVM-2000 Version 5.

Any users who have already upgraded to Version 6 should NOT download or install any Version 5 updates.
  Information about Version 6 can be located on the Version 6 web page.

Version 5.11 M is the last update release for AVM-2000 version 5.  Users will need to upgrade to Version 6 to obtain any new program features or modifications.

NOTE: AVM-2000 Version 5 will not run on Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8.

The Version 5 Upgrade may be downloaded from the Download 5 web page.

Users who own version 5 and have a current Annual Maintenance Agreement in place may still download Version 5.11M.

An archive listing all modifications contained in AVM-2000 Version 5 is available for viewing, downloading or printing: Version 5 Modifications (PDF excerpt from User's Guide)