The AVM-2000 software is a great Shop Management Tool. Get your day-to-day operations under control by using one integrated software solution.

The AVM-2000 is a powerful, easy to use, and affordable alternative to other software packages costing tens of thousands more. Different "Levels" of the AVM-2000 software let you purchase what you need -- without buying what you don't need. System configuration and set up makes it easy for Avionics Shops, Accessory Shops, Repair Stations, Maintenance Facilities, Buy/Sell/Repair Operations, Resellers and other Aviation Maintenance related businesses to create an environment that best meets your company's specific needs. Security options are also available to protect your data.

The major functions of the AVM-2000 are listed below. Our Packages List breaks down each level of the AVM-2000 and gives you more details about the features of the program.

  • Create and store Documentation such as 337s, 8130s, Weight and Balances and Log Book Stickers

  • Create and store extensive Work Orders, plus manage your small parts and serialized inventory.

  • Track Aircraft Maintenance, Inspections and Installed Equipment

  • Create and store PO's and Invoices to maintain A/P and A/R as well as to update Inventory.

  • Track General Ledger Accounts (single-entry)

  • Optional modules add more functionality to your program by allowing users to setup Security Control, use Print to File, Time Clock Tracking, Batch/Log Inventory Tracking and much more