The Packages list below highlights the modules and menu items that are included with each level of our AVM-2000 product.  The information for each level will highlight some of the major functions and operations contained in the levels.

Level 1

The following items are included with the AVM-2000 Level 1: Aircraft, Customers, Equipment Specs, Employees, Phrases, Aircraft Mfgr. Types, Installed Equipment Master, Inspection Items Master, Quotations, 337's, 8130's, Log Book Stickers, Fixed Wing W & B, Rotary Wing W & B, Warranty Applications, Warranty Claims, Aircraft Inspection Letters, Customer List and Reports/Labels.

Level 2

The following items are included with the AVM-2000 Level 2: ALL of Level 1, Inventory, Vendors, Test Equipment, Manuals (Tech Pubs), Auxiliary Parts, ATA Codes, Mailer Letters, Work Orders WO Quick Labor, WO Quick Parts, Loaners, Employee Reports/Labor Summaries, Inventory Reports and Work Order Reports (WIP, etc.).

Level 3

The following items are included with the AVM-2000 Level 3: ALL of Levels 1 and 2, Invoices, PO's and Expenses, Customer Adjustments, Customer Credit Memos, Customer Payments, Vendor Adjustments, Vendor Payments, Invoice Reports, PO & Expense Reports, A/P Listing, A/R Listing, A/R Statements, Monthly Totals, Annual Totals, General Ledger Accounts and Company Assets.

Please NOTE:

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary FAA approvals for use of the AVM-2000 software and any optional AVM-2000 features/modifications. Users with questions about approvals should contact their local FAA FSDO or CHDO.

The above features list is subject to change without notice; and is not meant to be all-inclusive.