The information provided below contains instructions for updates, backups, etc., and links for downloading / accessing the entire AVM-2000 Users' Guide, help files and much more.

Please also see our FAQs page for additional information about AVM-2000 functions and operations and errors.

AVM-2000 and Windows 10 (PDF)- Updated Nov-2018 - Includes instructions for Windows 10 modifications that can be made to help correct problems if you are having issues with "blank" records, duplicate records, frequent non-recoverable program or data errors, records that are created but not immediately seen by other users, auto-incrementing ID# problems and more.

Recommendations for AVM Servers (PDF) - includes instructions on changes that can be made for AVM-2000 to work with Windows Server 2008, OR Windows Vista and Windows 7 as peer to peer servers.

Move AVM-2000 from one computer to another (PDF) - instructions to move your server/primary/single-user version of AVM-2000 to another computer.

Font Installation (PDF) - installing fonts required for AVM-2000 onto your computer

Backup Recommendations (PDF) - best practices and recommendations for daily AVM-2000 backups to protect your data

Version 6 Update Instructions (PDF) - how to perform an AVM-2000 Version 6 Update/Upgrade

Free Trial Installation and Getting Started Instructions (PDF) - instructions on how to install the AVM-2000 Free Trial Evaluation, as well as how to get started using the system and install workstations

Workstation Installation (PDF) - instructions on how to install the AVM-2000 workstations

Customer Email List/XLS - instructions to generate an XLS export of all customer email addresses

Inventory On Hand As of Previous Date Report- instructions to "go backwards" to try to determine the inventory on hand as of a previous date

Electronic Signature Template Block (PDF) - for use in creating electronic JPG signature files for use with AVM-2000

Electronic Signatures PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) - demonstrates how to use the Electronic Signatures in AVM-2000

EDS Samples (PDF) - samples and instructions for using the Electronic Documentation Storage system for AVM-2000

Log Book Sticker Printing Configuration (PDF) - how to configure your desktop label printer for use with AVM-2000 Log Book Stickers

Purge / Archive Instructions (PDF) - details and instructions on how to use the built-in AVM-2000 Purge function

Download Adobe© Acrobat© Reader for PDF files if necessary.